Social media interaction buttons have become ubiquitous.

While siloed social media can compete against each other for pixel space, what about federated social media?

We could attempt to compete in this arena, indeed AddToAny now includes a Mastodon button, and this is great. But what about those who are using Pixelfed, Friendica or Zap? Sure Pull requests can be made.

But, what about existing web software that is joining the Fediverse, such as WordPress, and Drupal. Would placing their logos beside other share buttons even make sense to anyone?

How can federated social media, with its plethora of domains and dozen or so software implementations (and counting), leverage this now standard user expectation?

What if we unified our branding / marketing, wouldn’t this collaboration elevate the whole Fediverse?

This unified branding for the Fediverse is something currently being worked out, with Designers adding new graphics for consideration, check out the proposals and feel free to suggest your own over at socialhub.activitypub.rocks/t/fediverse-logo-or-icon-proposal/1057/23

Though once a common logo is decided, there will still be the issue of how to represent a user’s url… where a domain must also be included.

Which do you prefer?

URL form of identifying an actor (user) with Fediverse logoWebFinger form of identifying an actor (user) with ActivityPub logo


Fediverse logo or icon proposal

Thanks @how. There’s no ‘good’ way in this regard. This…

3 social media icons: activitypub, fediverse, wordpress, all followed by the webfinger format @dev@mediaformat.org

FediEmbedi is a wordpress plugin to display your social media activities from different Fediverse services: 


Example shortcode for mastodon

[mastodon exclude_replies="true"limit=5]

Other options, here are the defaults:

        'only_media' => false,
        'pinned' => false, //only display pinned status
        'exclude_replies' => false,
        'max_id' => null,
        'since_id' => null,
        'min_id' => null,
        'limit' => 5, //mastodon limit is 20
        'exclude_reblogs' => false,
        'show_header' => true,

Any of these can be overridden in the shortcode, for example:

[mastodon exclude_reblogs="true" exclude_replies="false", limit="20", show_header="false"]