FediEmbedi is a wordpress plugin to display your social media activities from different Fediverse services: 


Example shortcode for mastodon

[mastodon exclude_replies="true" limit=5 pinned="true"]

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Want to get more people contributing to WordPress? Prop up the people and companies doing it right!

@webdevstudios has been participating in for 8+ years and has contributed thousands of hours to the project. ❤️

If you have not seen it yet, you can now link your Mastodon profile on your Open Collective profile.

And thanks to rel=”me”, get your Open Collective profile verified on Mastodon.

Screenshot of the Open Collective profile on Mastodon. Featuring a verified link to the Open Collective website.

Our goal is for the me.dm instance to be a valuable home base for many people.

To that end:

— If you are already on Mastodon, follow us here @medium

Our account aims to boost smart information and ideas, and also to help find and recommend interesting accounts.

–Tomorrow we will start inviting select authors and publications. If you want to be in the early group, sign up here: me.dm/auth/sign_up

me.dm by Medium.com

Sign up on Mastodon today! With an account, you will…


Other options, here are the defaults:

        'only_media' => false,
        'pinned' => false, //only display pinned status
        'exclude_replies' => false,
        'max_id' => null,
        'since_id' => null,
        'min_id' => null,
        'limit' => 5, //mastodon limit is 20
        'exclude_reblogs' => false,
        'show_header' => true,

Any of these can be overridden in the shortcode, for example:

[mastodon exclude_reblogs="true" exclude_replies="false", limit="20", show_header="false"]