FediEmbedi is a wordpress plugin to display your social media activities from different Fediverse services: 


Example shortcode for mastodon

[mastodon exclude_replies="true" limit=5 pinned="true"]

the traditional method of bridge access, whereby a traveller would have to answer these riddles three, was an early form of multi-factor authentication, in this essay i will

Other options, here are the defaults:

        'only_media' => false,
        'pinned' => false, //only display pinned status
        'exclude_replies' => false,
        'max_id' => null,
        'since_id' => null,
        'min_id' => null,
        'limit' => 5, //mastodon limit is 20
        'exclude_reblogs' => false,
        'show_header' => true,

Any of these can be overridden in the shortcode, for example:

[mastodon exclude_reblogs="true" exclude_replies="false", limit="20", show_header="false"]