Author: dev

  • The UX of links on the Fediverse

    A proposal for loading ActivityPub status links internally by default

  • Social icons

    How can federated social media, with its plethora of domains and dozen or so software implementations, leverage social media icons?

  • http signatures update

    Confirming that the Fix for required digest headers in mastodon now works

  • Add support for latest HTTP Signatures spec draft

    In response to feedback from the httpwg regarding their http signatures spec draft Mastodon 3.2.1, now requires a Digest header in their POST requests. Here is a Pull request for the wordpress plugin

  • FediTest

    Just another attempt at federating posts. It works! Though as suspected, only on mastodon 3.2.0 (will add PR for digest headers)

  • activitypub

    Really excited with the WordPress ActivityPub plugin! Back in june I started a Pull Request to add Private Messages to the plugin. As I was hacking at it, I realized that Comments were only being received, and that federated replies to the fediverse had yet to be implemented! So, for reasons, I decided to push…