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  • About

    This site is my personal homepage on the web, it is a playground on which to experiment with WordPress, ActivityPub, and other technologies. I am currently looking for a full time position as a Software/Fullstack developer. Ideally I would like work with a small team on a civic-teach Product, for a Worker Cooperative, or Organization.…

  • activitypub

    Really excited with the WordPress ActivityPub plugin! Back in june I started a Pull Request to add Private Messages to the plugin. As I was hacking at it, I realized that Comments were only being received, and that federated replies to the fediverse had yet to be implemented! So, for reasons, I decided to push…

  • FediEmbedi

    FediEmbedi is a wordpress plugin to display your social media activities from different Fediverse services:  Microblogging: Mastodon Image sharing: Pixelfed Video sharing: PeerTube Example Example shortcode for mastodon Other options, here are the defaults: Any of these can be overridden in the shortcode, for example: